Why Aptech


Aptech designs the most relevant and updated course curriculum.

Aptech Learning Services – a separate unit of the company that is dedicated to creating the course material for all courses – and experts in various subjects together create the course curriculum.

This is done after a lot of Research and Development involving the survey of the currrent trends/demand in the I.T. industry.

Aptech Learning Services creates learning aids for effective understanding of the subject matter.

Interesting and easy-to-understand books are created. CDs are given along with the books.

In addition to theory, these CDs also contain tutorials, reading and reference material, quizzes and FAQ to improve the students’ learning.

Similarly, material is provided to faculty on how to teach each lesson.

Incase there is any upgrade of technology, software class notes are given so that students can be well versed and updated with the latest technology.

Aptech is always on the lookout for qualified faculty to teach .NET, Java, Database and other I.T. courses. Students’ feedback is taken on the faculty’s performance and training is provided to those teachers who need improvement.

Aptech’s Academics team assists faculty in teaching the advanced courses and also keep them informed of the latest developments in the industry and technology.

Each course includes classroom learning as well as practical sessions in the lab.

Students are given optimum time in the lab and can work on their projects/assignments whenever they wish.

Each course is supported by a sufficient number of projects, which are designed to apply the concepts learned by the students in the classroom.

Career courses include E-Projects, which are online projects, guided and monitored directly by the top faculty in Aptech’s Head Office/branch offices.
The student gets continuous support and feedback from the top faculty.

Aptech conducts technical workshops where students are exposed to new advancements in the I.T. field.

Students can also interact with the faculty members to get their doubts cleared. Aptech also gets a technology evangelist to host interactive sessions where students can clear their doubts.

Exams are conducted under the supervision of Aptech’s Academics Team. Many of these are held online.. This ensures high standards in the conduct of examinations.

Aptech’s courses lead to professional I.T. certifications from leading I.T. brands such as Microsoft and from Aptech itself.

These certificates are widely recognized by the I.T. industry and improve students’ growth prospects in the industry.

Aptech offers flexible course timings to suit engineering students, college students and working professionals.

Typically, classes are held 3 to 5 times a week for a duration of 2 hours each.

Every semester Aptech selects and rewards the Best Students based on their performances in exams, class assignments, projects, and class participation.

Such recognition encourages students to work hard and perform better in the next term.

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